You see I am different
No matter which way you
Swing it, write it, or say it
Say it, write it, or swing it
Different I am

I am not like the ordinary
I bow my head to the floor
Times five
I stand by towering pillars
Times five
And I utter words in a language
So sweet, calm and beautiful
Al Loogatil arabiya
Hathihi jameelahtun

I wear a kuffee and recite poetry
I speak and teach Islam
I represent for the Muslim Youth
I strive to do good deeds
I help others in need
Even though I am in need of help myself
I stay silent when anger punches me
I swallow my pride and suppress my ego
I am nothing
A piece of clay
Skin toned differently

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Meant to See

I woke up one morning and opened my eyes
And to my surprise, it couldn’t be
As I started to rise, I realized that I still can see
That I still can see

Now let me take you to the night before
When I entered a dark mysterious door
In this door was the world, I dropped my jaw
The side in which you wish you never saw
The side that contains people unified
By hate and destruction, wars and seduction
And I thought to myself, I wish I were blind

I wish I were blind so I wouldn’t have to see innocents dying in wars
Or predators hunting boys and girls
Or people sleeping in the streets
Or seeing mothers weep

I wish I were blind to death
So I wouldn’t have to see it
I wish I were blind to discrimination
So I wouldn’t have to face it
I wish I were blind to these things
So I would not have to see them
And the disaster it brings

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Clearing the Air

Sometimes this pressure becomes too much to see
I look around and see all I eyes on me
Waiting for me to make one mistake
So they can defame my name
And make it sound fake
Pressure all around, it becomes too much,
I need break
That’s when I grab my pen and write it out,
All in one take
Some looking to bring me down
Others looking to make me look like a clown
Some even be trying to make me sound
Like I know nothing, but look at me now
You see me and wish that I fall
Cuz you think I got it so easy
But I don’t, not at all
I gotta work for what I have
I gotta be who I am
And nothing is stopping me
Not even Uncle Sam
I got goals to achieve
I got students to teach
I gotta stay strong and believe
No matter how hard Allah places burden on me
After difficulty always comes ease

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An Artist Neglected

What happened…?
To the days when my creativity use to flow?
When the mind
Could find
A rhyme
And just go
I used to close my eyes and just know
That this piece is going to be dope

Now, it feels distant
What I use to do seems missing
I use to follow my passion
Grab a pen and let it happen
Write on scraps, papers, and napkins
My fingers use to be covered in ink
And those I reached were left with my print

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